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smith and loveless military and government markets wastewater water treatment plants systems   

When Uncle Sam comes calling, Smith & Loveless has dutifully enlisted itself for service in military and civilian applications. For decades, we have served our country with honor, providing long-lasting, durable water and wastewater treatment and pumping equipment that doesn't tax the operator with heavy-duty maintenance and operation nor require audits from procurement authorities because of its long service life rating.

Providing Solutions No Matter the Location

Tackling wastewater pumping and treatment problems in remote applications is just one of the many services Smith & Loveless, Inc. can provide, even in the most difficult to reach locations. Despite the challenge of extreme winter climate and the location, Smith & Loveless engineers designed a Custom Series Pump Station for a remote airforce radar site in Camp Lisburne, Alaska. With a unique array of treatment and pumping equipment, Smith & Loveless was able to provide a complete solution for the U.S. Radar facility.

Featured Installations

Smith & Loveless can salute hundreds of system installations in all branches of the U.S. Military at bases both domestic and overseas. Below is a selection of these specialized installation projects.
Custom Series Pump Stations
      Formula X Above-Grade WWMPS
smith and loveless wastewater water treatment plants systems fort riley kansas
smith and loveless wastewater water treatment plants systems camp carroll south korea
Camp Carroll, South Korea

      FX Above-Grade WWMPS
 smith and loveless wastewater water treatment plants systems camp carroll south korea
Fort Riley, Kan.
Camp Carroll, South Korea


No matter where our service men and women are assigned,  Smith & Loveless will be ready to provide them with the best wastewater and water treatment technology. Featured systems also include Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations for national parks as well as bases and FAST® treatment plants for onsite wastewater treatment in remote base locations.
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Disaster Relief


S&L can provide disaster relief services to federal / military authorities in a fast and effective manner. 

See our Disaster Relief webpage here for more information