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SELECT-IT™ Online Selection Tool


Select It Promo 24/7/365 Online Pump Selection
Kansas Municipality Saves 50%
Read how a municipal district in Kansas has tracked its parts and maintenance costs over 9 years to discover how the S&L way saved it more than 50% Read More >


TESTIMONIAL: Operator Safety

Select It Promo Kansas Town Saves 50% vs. Submersibles
MO Town Keeps Operators Safe
The above grade approach allows supervisors to send only one person to do the job that requires three with submersibles. No need for the buddy system! Read More >


X-PELLER® Tank Test

Select It Promo X-PELLER® Coming Soon in Larger Sizes!
ME City Unclogs Pumps with X-PELLER®
Clogs are a thing of the past in this Maine town now that the S&L X-PELLER® non-clog impeller moved into town. See how it saved the day. Read More >


It All Adds Up to a Longer, Better Pump Station Life.
Life is too short to be submerged in higher pump station maintenance costs and confined space burdens. When you factor installation, the superior wire-to-water efficiencies and longevity of the S&L Non-Clog Pump, and the significant maintenance savings from the safest lift station access, you will choose the life-changing Wet Well Mounted Pump Station approach from Smith & Loveless.
Read more about our pump's longevity >
First Pump Station (60 Years) Image DID YOU KNOW?
Smith & Loveless’ first three pump stations, built & installed in Salina, KS in 1946, are still operating to this day?

When we say “Built for Life”, we mean it!
First Pump Station (60 Years) Image A 25-Year Warranty That Lasts a Generation;
Just Like Our Pump Stations
The DURO-LAST® Stainless Steel Baseplate on the S&L Wet Well Mounted Pump Station is guaranteed to last a generation -- 25 years, to be exact.
Read More >
First Pump Station (60 Years) Image 65 Years in the Heartland & Beyond:
The Smith & Loveless Story
B. Alden Smith and Compere Loveless founded Smith & Loveless Inc. in 1946 as a sales engineering firm representing several manufacturers in the wastewater industry. Early in their association, Smith & Loveless recognized the opportunity for complete, factory-assembled pump stations. Read More >